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If you have an appreciation for ranching and agriculture, you’re in luck because both are extremely important to Fallbrook. There are a high number of orchards and nurseries in the area and it is the “Avocado Capital of the World.” You can celebrate with residents at the Avocado Festival every year with thousands of visitors. The economy thrives thanks to avocado, kiwi, persimmon, pomegranate, wine grapes, macadamia nuts and a range of citrus fruits being grown and packed here. Flower fields and greenhouses also add to the bounty.

Neighborhoods in Fallbrook are both charming and eclectic, giving you a range of options to see which one fits you best. In the southern end of the community are the neighborhoods of Olive Hill, Morro Hills, and Sycamore Ranch. Winterwarm, Live Oak Park and The Village lie further to the north, and Pala Mesa is closest to I-15 for easy access. Homes range from charming cottages to rural farm and ranch properties set on several acres. Schools in Fallbrook include eight public elementary schools, a middle school, a junior high school and Fallbrook High School. Other private schools in the area give alternate options.

More About Fallbrook

The small town of Gulf Stream is an affluent community located on the coast and has a population of around 800 residents. Gulf Stream has a reputation as a town that is clean, safe and prosperous. It’s no wonder that homes for sale in Gulf Stream don’t last long on the market, because this city tops the list of wonderful places to live.

Gulf Stream began as acres of farmland up until the 1920s, when developers keen on turning cultivated land into recreational and residential areas decided that the area was perfect for such changes. In 1922, the Henry Phipps, Jr. family began buying up land here for development. It didn’t take long to finalize plans for a world-class golf course as well as beachfront residences. The Gulf Stream Golf Club was established in 1924 and the town was incorporated in 1925 and development proceeded from there. Luxurious polo fields and fine year-round weather led people to dub the town as the “Winter Polo Capital of the World” and heightened Gulf Stream’s appeal as a winter resort town. Post WWII, Gulf Stream grew thanks to increased construction, but leaders carefully controlled the growth that leads to today’s classy, upscale atmosphere today.

You’ll quickly see that the art scene in Fallbrook takes center stage, with the Fallbrook Art Center hosting numerous shows and events. Dozens of art galleries and studios line the charming streets, and many notable artists call this place home. The Fallbrook School of the Arts is also located here. Beyond the art scene, there are plenty of things for you to see and do, starting with Myrtle Creek Nursery, Mission Theater and Live Oak Park. Lucky for you, the ocean is just 18 miles away, and the surrounding hills are covered in trails for hiking and biking. Golfing, horseback riding, bird watching, and more are all within a few minutes. If you love history, check out the Fallbrook Historical Society Museum and explore the exhibits at the Gem and Mineral Society Museum.

Fallbrook is a one-of-a-kind place to call home and offers you a slower pace than the stereotypical Southern California lifestyle of hustle and bustle. Once you decide to set your sights on Fallbrook, you won’t want to leave.